How to Make Knitting Needle Bracelets

Blog2pic2Who ever thought you could make cool bracelets from old plastic knitting needles – I certainly didn’t but that is what I found myself making after a customer- who was routing through a tub of old knitting needles – hunting out all our plastic sets.

When I asked her what they were for she replied Bracelets – going on to tell me about a YouTube clip she had found, showing how to turn them into bracelets and other jewellery items.
Well I just had to give it a go – there and then!!

15 minutes later and with a long suffering husband patiently waiting while we had some fun in the shop we had a basic pair of matching bracelets ready for me to wear!!

Continue reading if you’d like to find out how to make your own



What you need

  • A pair of Plastic Knitting Needles
  • Kettle of boiling water
  • Container large enough to hold the water and needles Blog2pic3

(This was all I had in the shop but a long flat container would have been better)

  • Tongs
  • Bull Clips

How to Make

1: get you equipment ready and space to make your bracelets
2: boil the kettle
3: pour boiling water into your container
4: add knitting needles into the water (use tongs so you don’t burn your fingers)
5: leave for about 5 mins to allow the plastic to soften
6: using tongs remove 1 needle and bend into circular shape (you could use a jar to help mould the shape)
7: use bull clip to hold the ends togetherBlog2pic4
8: leave to cool down (pop into the fridge if you fancy) about 5 minutes
9: repeat with the other needle
10: when cold remove the bull clip (carefully – in case it’s not ready and springs back open!! – re clip if required and leave for a longer time

That’s it!!
Bobs your uncle!!!
A pair of bracelets


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