Appliqué – MY WAY!!!

This blog today is probably more about how not to do Appliqué – my way – but to see all the problems I had and what to do to improve on it…….

I thought this was an easy craft to try out on my own and basically ‘ it’s not hard’ but attention to details makes a huge  difference.

So to begin you choose your design –  then reverse the image before you print it out (this makes it easier to cut out and when your finally ready to attach to your main item – it’s the right way round)

Print out on ordinary paper and cut out – my cutting out is not the best as you can see….


Next is to pin your cut-out onto the fabric.

I chose some lovely shiny fabric – from one of the collage packs we sell here at Promise – no idea what it’s called – sorry – but I’ve seen how lots of crafters use scraps of fabric, to great effect, and thought it looked fab…


And yes you’ve guessed – cut it out – again not hard but it’s all in the details as the saying goes….


So here it is cut out – can you spot the wonky bits – no? – You’re so kind!!


And this is what the other side looks like – not too shabby as I’m going for the hand-made look – not professional designer mode –  but as you’ll see later – I still have lots to learn….

So the next step is to take some Fuse-a-web (bond-a-web or similar product) and lay the cut outs side by side making the most of the spaces…


Carefully turn the paper over and iron the back of the paper.

This I found easier to do by basically laying the fabric cut-outs down on the ironing board – making sure it’s the wrong side up and then lay the paper over it – I’m sure there must be a better way, but I didn’t think of it and still can’t!!!!

So now check the instructions that came with the fuse-a-web for temperature etc and then just iron – press down down firmly but keep the iron moving.


Eventually the fuse-a-web and fabric become glued together. Now guess what….. That’s right you cut out the shapes again.

That gives you a total of 3 cuts per shape (paper only/paper and fabric/fabric and fuse-a-web).

This isn’t hard but when I chose to make this table cloth with my new business name on it – I didn’t realise that Promise CraftFairs was 17 letters which makes 51 cut-outs……applique7

So now you peel off the paper backing from each shape and place on the item you wish to appliqué ontoapplique8

Follow the instructions again for your fuse-a-web and basically iron onto the fabric


This is my finished table cloth and I like it – in its shabby chic style and wonky lettering

Finally, well almost

Yes I should have ironed the tablecloth again for this picture but by this time I had had enough of ironing!!!!!

Things to be aware of before trying this yourself

  1. for the first time choose a simple pattern
  2. set time aside for it – it’s not hard but lots of bits to do
  3. read the instructions on your fuse-a-web (makes a mess of your iron if you don’t)
  4. shiny materials are lovely but doesn’t stick so well and after all of the above – some of the fabric lifted in the corners – so I went on to – sew around all of the cut-outs.

The whole point of using fuse-a-web was so I didn’t have to sew, and if I had known about this point I could have saved a lot more time……

However, I have since done a few more appliqué’s using 100% cotton and thicker materials – they all worked out well – so perhaps do a test of the fabric you wish to use first.

I’m sure you have seen lots of things not to do on your own projects but I did have fun and I certainly have a greater appreciation of crafters who use appliqué in their work and make it look so easy to copy.

It took me over 2 days and at least 6/7 hours to make my tablecloth!!!

If I put a price of £80 on this item – would you pay that much???? (professionally done of course) or more like at least half of that!!!  But at that lower price you wouldn’t even be paying a crafter the national minimum wage or covering the cost of materials etc……..makes you think doesn’t it…….it certainly did me…….





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