Looking Forward to seeing you

We are looking forward to holding our next Promise Craft Fair at Llandudno Town Hall this Saturday 13th August.
We have lots of stalls for you to browse from here is just a taste of the stalls available for you to see

Jim Bolton- wood crafts
Jodi Parker -Hampers and bits
Jane Isobel Dennis – local artist
Annie James – Bags with a difference
Viki – fabulous Knits
Food for Thought – naughty but nice cakes
and lots, lots more……………………….

Pokemon Go Creatures arriving…..

  • Pokemon bat thingy arriving
The latest craze Pokemon Go creatures have been seen and caught inside and outside of Promise Art & Crafts here in Llandudno

Appliqué – MY WAY!!!

This blog today is probably more about how not to do Appliqué – my way – but to see all the problems I had and what to do to improve on it…….

I thought this was an easy craft to try out on my own and basically ‘ it’s not hard’ but attention to details makes a huge  difference.

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How to Make Knitting Needle Bracelets

Blog2pic2Who ever thought you could make cool bracelets from old plastic knitting needles – I certainly didn’t but that is what I found myself making after a customer- who was routing through a tub of old knitting needles – hunting out all our plastic sets.

When I asked her what they were for she replied Bracelets – going on to tell me about a YouTube clip she had found, showing how to turn them into bracelets and other jewellery items.
Well I just had to give it a go – there and then!!

15 minutes later and with a long suffering husband patiently waiting while we had some fun in the shop we had a basic pair of matching bracelets ready for me to wear!!

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Who Am I?

who-am-iI’m Ann – a single mum who has dared to open up a business – in a time when lots of small and large businesses are closing stores or making huge cut backs.

It was one of those now or never moments where I had attended some business courses had a bit of money behind me and was dithering between moving away and starting a new life or plunging into running my own business and working my socks off to make it happen.

So here we were in November 2015 and opening a shop – Promise Art and Crafts in Llandudno and now in May 2016 we are still hanging in there and starting this blog…

I am looking forward to sharing my shops stories. What we do – Our Crafters and Artists – How to craft – and any other pieces of info that pops into my creative mind

Please follow my blog and if you have any suggestions or questions  please leave a  comment