Appliqué – MY WAY!!!

This blog today is probably more about how not to do Appliqué – my way – but to see all the problems I had and what to do to improve on it…….

I thought this was an easy craft to try out on my own and basically ‘ it’s not hard’ but attention to details makes a huge  difference.

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How to Make Knitting Needle Bracelets

Blog2pic2Who ever thought you could make cool bracelets from old plastic knitting needles – I certainly didn’t but that is what I found myself making after a customer- who was routing through a tub of old knitting needles – hunting out all our plastic sets.

When I asked her what they were for she replied Bracelets – going on to tell me about a YouTube clip she had found, showing how to turn them into bracelets and other jewellery items.
Well I just had to give it a go – there and then!!

15 minutes later and with a long suffering husband patiently waiting while we had some fun in the shop we had a basic pair of matching bracelets ready for me to wear!!

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Who Am I?

who-am-iI’m Ann – a single mum who has dared to open up a business – in a time when lots of small and large businesses are closing stores or making huge cut backs.

It was one of those now or never moments where I had attended some business courses had a bit of money behind me and was dithering between moving away and starting a new life or plunging into running my own business and working my socks off to make it happen.

So here we were in November 2015 and opening a shop – Promise Art and Crafts in Llandudno and now in May 2016 we are still hanging in there and starting this blog…

I am looking forward to sharing my shops stories. What we do – Our Crafters and Artists – How to craft – and any other pieces of info that pops into my creative mind

Please follow my blog and if you have any suggestions or questions  please leave a  comment